Free Programs

We are currently working on two new free programs.

One program will be written as a linear program for the beginner lifter.
One program will be written using daily undulated periodization (DUP) for the intermediate to advanced lifter.
Both programs will be offered through TrainHeroic, which is a free-to-use mobile training app.

We wanted to move our free programs to TrainHeroic versus Google Sheets for multiple reasons.

TrainHeroic connects us directly with you while you run one of our programs.
We will be able to easily monitor your progress through the program.
We will also occasionally message you through the app to see how you are doing and ask for feedback.

We are excited for this change because your feedback and progress will help us improve the programs we offer in the future.

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About TrainHeroic

TrainHeroic is the same training app and coaching software used by some of the best professional and collegiate programs across the nation including our very own University of Oklahoma Powerlifting.

TrainHeroic allows you to easily access your program, log your weights, and track progress. Your program includes notes from your coaches, demo videos, and more.

We still use google sheets behind the scenes, but our clients don't have to. TrainHeroic makes training simple.