General Startup Program

This programming template is for people who are novice in powerlifting and looking for a balanced program as well as those looking to get into powerlifting but are unsure where to start.

This program is based around Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP), which is pretty much a lower intensity/weight in the week for a lift such as the squat, and then another day in the week with a higher intensity/weight but lower reps for the same lift.

Example: Monday Squats will be 3x8 at 225lbs. Thursday Squats will then be 3x5 at 250lbs. Essentially practicing heavier weights all the while getting in more gains!

Remember: the focus through the next 14 weeks is to improve your squat, bench, and deadlift ("The Big Three") as well as build muscle and foundation. Hitting big numbers now won't matter if your lifting career is cut short due to injury.

We will also introduce you to RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) so you will have seen and experienced it once you decide to take it to the next level of your training. But don't worry, we will also put the percentages next to the RPE, because we understand it takes time to get it all down.

Week 1-4 Focus on building muscle. We're not looking to hit any PR's here. Don't watch the numbers. Focus on putting in the effort.
Week 5
A slightly easy week, where we rest the body up a little so we can ramp up and prepare for the heavier weights.
Week 6-8 Focus on creating that power and practice under heavier weights.
Week 9
A rather easy week to rest the body up so we can properly prepare for maxing out.
Week 10-14
You've invested time and energy in the gym for over 2 months at this point. It's time to cash in on your hard work.

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