Our powerlifting gym is equipped with all the essentials to make you stronger.

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$70 /mo plus tax
For more experienced or more independent clients
$20 one time initiation fee
  1. 24/7 Facility Access
  2. Competition Equipment
  3. Supportive Environment
  4. Pet Friendly
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. Showers
  7. Elevator Music
  8. Contracts
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Our emphasis on powerlifting and strength training is obvious when you see our equipment and layout. From our kilo bars to our kilo plates, we source all of our competition equipment from top manufacturers like Texas Strength Systems, Eleiko, and Rogue. We also have three leg machines, a high/low cable system, and more for accessories.

Barbell specific equipment
  1. 3 TSS Competition Combo Racks
  2. 2 Deadlift Platforms
  3. 1 Get RX'd Power Rack
  4. 1 Eleiko Power Bar (KG)
  5. 2 Rogue Ohio Power Bars (KG)
  6. 7 Rogue Ohio Power Bars (LB)
  7. 1 Titan Safety Squat Bar V2
  8. 2 Rogue Calibrated Kilo Sets
  9. Pound Plates
  10. Bumper Plates
Accessories & Other equipment
  1. Bolt Dumbbells from 5 to 110 pounds
  2. 2 Adjustable Flat - Incline Benches
  3. 1 Flat Bench
  4. Gorilla Lat Pulldown with Low Row
  5. Cybex Seated Machine Row
  6. Cybex Seated Leg Press
  7. Leg Extension Machine
  8. Seated Hamstring Curl Machine
  9. Dip Attachment

Location & Hours

9000 Park West Drive
Suite A
Houston, TX 77063
24/7 for members